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Take control of your time

Effortless pickup & delivery scheduling for your Shopify store.

Order management system
Delivery date scheduling
Delivery date selector
Store pickup software

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App Features

Bird App provides a comprehensive date picker solution that helps you simplify scheduling and build customisations.

Date & Time picker

Set, adjust, and go — Bird App keeps your pickups and deliveries perfectly timed.

Blockout dates & preparation times

Block dates and set precise cut-off times to effortlessly manage peak periods and downtime with unmatched efficiency.

Google Calendar Sync

Take control of your store orders directly from your Google Calendar, seamlessly integrated into our system.

Geo distance validation

Automatically offer the right price and service based on customer location.

Last mile delivery

Easily connect with your favourite route planning apps EasyRoutes, Lionwheel and many more.

Multi-location support

Seamlessly manage orders and schedules across all your stores from a single, unified platform.

Streamlined Order Flow

Whether it’s 15 orders or 5000, Bird App interface scales to your bustling business needs.

Multilingual Messaging

Bird App bridges communication gaps, making every order clear and every customer feel at home.

Order limits

Set a maximum number of pickup, delivery and shipping orders per day.

Draft order support

Create existing draft orders into pickup or delivery orders or create new ones.

Customizable and tailored

Customize your calendar to match the exact needs of your products and delight customers.

Intelligent rate configurations

Set delivery rates by distance, weight, or urgency, and more.

24/7 Support

Because in the world of pickup and delivery, every minute counts.

Order tagging

Tag your orders with the customers chosen delivery option, date and time.

Shopify apps for delivery date and time management

Success Stories

Hear directly from our customers taking control of their time.

So far, I'm extremely happy with not only the app but the team that supports it. I've used a previous app, and while I thought that app was okay, I now realize that this app is superior! 

- Sinful Confections, United States

12 months using the app

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